// Источник: B.A.F. Newsletter, Январь 2005, No 49


Number 4



Photos 1 & 2: The starting position is like seiza but with the feet on either side of the body (called katsuza in Japanese) and the knees as close as possible. It is preferable that you can sit comfortably like this before proceeding further. If it is difficult, try sitting in katsuza a little every day, maybe starting with a book under your bottom, until your thigh muscles become more flexible.

Photos 3 — 5: Proceeding slowly, put first the right hand on the right ankle then the left hand on the left ankle so that, bringing your forearms to the tatami, you can slowly lower your upper body to the ground and hold the position for a while.


As you warm up, this action will become more comfortable and you can stay longer in the final position; and you will be able to bring the knees closer together.

Photo 6: If you like, you can stretch further by hooking your thumbs together with the palms facing upwards and extending your arms beyond your head, the upper arms touching the ears.

Photo 7: Taking hold of your ankles, slide your feet forwards and slowly bring your knees up to your chest.

Photo 8: Holding *one wrist with the opposite hand, hug your knees into your chest and bring your forehead or your chin to your knees. Hold the position for a short while.


Photos 9 & 10: Extend your arms and legs like a star fish and let your limbs come to rest on the tatami, completely relaxed like a dead body.

Из словаря

真 っ 向 法 Макко-хо:
Комплекс из общеукрепляющих упражнений на растяжку.
correct direction method - применение правильного направления
См. также слова: [真 син] [向 ко:] [法 хо:]

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