// Источник: B.A.F. Newsletter, Май 2004, No 47


Number 2


Photos 1-3: After completing the movements Makko-hō number 1, bring up the knees to the chest by placing the hands on the outside of the thighs and drawing them up and in. Then hug the knees into the chest and hold them there for a few seconds while the circulation is stimulated and the muscles relax. Then let the legs open naturally and relax. Do these movements slowly and smoothly.

Photos 4-6: Slowly extend the legs and extend the arms. Let the back incline from the bottom of the spine and don't hunch the back. This action is the same as in bowing. Don't force the movement: bend only as far as is comfortable for you. Flexibility will come with repeated practice. Note that the feet are together and the toes turned upwards.


Photo 7: With the elbows touching the tatami bring down the head to touch the knees. Take hold of the toes so as to stretch the backs of the knees, the insteps of the feet and the Achilles tendons. Remain in this position for 20 to 40 seconds.

Photos 8-10: Without jerking resume the upright posture, drawing the hands up the legs to the top of the thighs. If you have time, repeat the forward and backwards movement ten times before holding the position of Photo 7.

Из словаря

真 っ 向 法 Макко-хо:
Комплекс из общеукрепляющих упражнений на растяжку.
correct direction method - применение правильного направления
См. также слова: [真 син] [向 ко:] [法 хо:]

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